Metal building design and engineering

For over 20 years we’ve designed and engineered custom building projects. Every project is unique, and that is what makes each project so special to us. We carefully consider the building’s intended use and budget to come up with a plan that saves time and money.

Metal buiding foundation design and engineering

A building is only as good as the foundation on which it stands. Our foundation services consider the geological data for the area along with specific needs of the building to design a foundation that is engineered to code but also easy to install and affordable.


Metal homes, aka Barndominiums, are a great way to combine your workspace with your living space in an affordable fashion. We’ve designed Barndominiums with giant garages, workshops, and small business that combine living space all under the same roof. Whether it is a farmhouse/barn or a multistory workshop/residence we can help your Barndo dream happen.